Tuesday, June 30, 2009

still rocking 109lbs

I am due for some new pictures. Maybe I will post and take some more as motivator after my shower in a bit. I have been successful on drinking a whole foods protein shake every day for the last week, and not not bingeing, bingeing and purging, or purging, or chew spit, before 2pm this week or after 2am. Have a time frame is mentally working. I have been taking my vitamins too.

again, my HR is still low, like 44. No one has s dianognised aid anything about my lab work, but EKG still says not good. This is known as  "bradycardia and can be dangerous, especially when blood pressure gets too low as well. Symptoms include weakness, loss of energy and fainting. " yay me.... This happened to me before, when I first was. Yet... no one has told me to do anything in sepcfics to this, like stop excerising, "you are going to have a heart attack" or you need to be in the hospital. I am wanting for the bp to drop.. that I know how to respond to , or if your weight is below X yo will need to be in hopsital or inpatient, i can respond to that. I want someone to tell me  abottom line weight honestly. 

ok, still 109! good deal, have been this all week. It needs to know be 107. I am excited to see how much I weigh on my moms scale tomorrow morning!

SO COURT update- 8 hours community service within 60 days, and I have a year to pay court fine and cost totally 443$. Deferred sentence, meaning, if I do the mentioned and don't get in trouble with the law for 1 year, this is dismissed and not on my record. 

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