Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am doing alright so far, my scale back at my apartment read 111lbs. And I am ok with that for now. I went on a little run/jog/walk this afternoon. Left around 11:45am and got back a little after 1pm. I stopped by the scuba shop to visit with a friend and to pick up her dog to babysit for the day. This dog is the sweetest and I love Haley to death! I would keep her forever and ever and ever. 

Ok, so a downside to the boy is that he like his weed. But I can fix that... or at least put limits on him doing it around me. He's fun, and really really cute.  We are going to go bike to the lake later this afternoon and maybe go swimming. 

For the pacific northwest in the States, where i live, its  been 27 days since the last rain. AMAZING. Summer is officially here.

ok, so far intake of 150cals or less. And no bp! I have been tempted, and for sure fantasized about it. I eve have goodies in my house, and for some reason taco bell is cheap and on the brain. But the guy should be over soon and then I will be safe for a bit.

maybe I will finish my coffee and eat some watermelon


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