Saturday, June 6, 2009

oh shit factor sits in hard

still 109lbs... however

I was caught shoplifting at Fredmeyers in Bellingham, WA (Whatcom county) and was told I was going to be prosecuted by the civilian dressed security officer that stopped me outside. He said I was going to receive something in the mail. I am really confused. Was he allowed to handcuff me as roughly as he did? I am a 23yr old female who doesn't even weigh 110lbs. Is there anything I should be doing besides taking pictures of the bruising and scrapes from the handcuffs? I was wailing because he grabbed me so tightly and swung me around hard. And this guy through my cell phone down when I tried to call someone to come sit with me. He kept telling me I wasn't allowed to call anyone. What's going to happen now? Is this a misdemeanor? Am I going to have to go to court? Is this going on my record? He never arrested me or read me miranda rights. Do I just pay the fine, what ever the amount in this letter supposedly will say? He took my licenses number and photo. Any help would really help me.


  1. oh my... i feel scared for you!!

    i hope u dont have to pay a fine or go to jail! oh no!!!!!!!
    whatever happens good luck!

    p.s. i live in spokane, washington

  2. so he attempted to arrest you ??? he didnt call the police ??? sounds like he didnt know what he was doing. I mean handcuffs on a store attendant for a start - is that normal ?!

    the guy was definately a jobsworth - i bet that was the highlight of the month somebody shop lifting. i mean he didnt need too go to the extrems. handcuffing - throwing your phone , etc.

    get the bastard done for brutallity. surely he could have just asked you to come back into the store

    ' you have the right to remain silent '

    to be perfectly honest with ya hun , i am going to suggest you will get away wit a caution. i doubt they wil prosecute. especially if its your first offence ...

    (when i was 17 me and my friends stole a car - i was found staionary in the middle of a road by the police - no lisence , absoulutely wasted .. first offece i got away with a caution. however i did have to go to the police station to be issueed with a caution. i had my foto taken and my dna taken . so i am now on the data base)

    i would be a tad nrevous however - lets hope he doesnt put that picture of you up around other stores ' IF YOU SEE THIS GIRL ' .. known theif hehehe and your mug shot spread all over the show.

    keep us updated - BIG KISS Xx

  3. first of all -
    why on earth do you STEAL???

    i dont know anything about this but i think youll just have to wait and find out whats going to happen.

  4. I am tempted to comment with how you shouldn't steal because we all lose...but whatever you don't need a lecture & I don't want to be a hypocrite, I was a bit of a shiplifter when I was younger...

    so, it all depends on the amount of merchandise you stole, if it's under $500 not much to worry about and I've never heard of them mailing you a fine or anything after the fact. My guess is they will just keep your info and if you are caught again you'll go to court. Of course state to state is different and there is a slight chance you could get an officer at your door with your court date, but I hope not. good luck

  5. tut - i wrote a huge essay on here before - i have just came back to see if you had responded - only to see that my post wasnt published . grrrrrr :(

    have you heard from the store detective or the police yet ?? Xx

  6. hello love,
    those of us with eating disorders often battle with other addictions as well. i've been busted for shoplifting too. technically they can't put their hands on you, but they do. they want to scare you enough not to do it again. since this is your first offense you will get "first offenders status" in most states. this means that you go to court, perform community service, and hopefully it will not be on your permanent record. i know how incredibly shamful and scary it is to go through this. this event will be with you for a while, carried around in your head. don't beat yourself up, but don't do it again either. i'm sending you strength and sunshine. . . . .