Wednesday, June 10, 2009

looks like just a fine. 245.22 dollars. 


  1. strange, but I have a lot more experience with this than you may me a copy of the fine if you don't mind some free advice, (you can black out details like your address and things, I just need their demands)

    I'll help you as best I can, honestly I don't think you'll need to pay a dime to them

  2. Whew! Hard to believe that it's so harsh for some candy it's not like it's grand theft auto! Hopefully you can get out of this without having to pay $$$.

    Best of luck.

  3. Just remember that paying the fine is like saying you were guilty. I had a friend pay a fine for underage drinking at 19 and found out later it is like pleading guilty and she is supposed to answer thatquestion on job applications that states she has been convicted of a crime. If you can afford a lawyer, I would fight it.