Sunday, June 14, 2009

i woke up this morning, 111lbs holding steady, wish it would just drop one stinking lb!

BUT in a much improved mood and outlook for the day. Who knows what work will bring me. Working as a caregiver can me physically and mentally exhausting, but add to the challenge an abundance of free food that usually gets thrown away. My bulimia screams "save the food" or "hey.... looky here.. take advantage of it!". So tonight, lets hope my will power to not bp at work will be stronger. I need to work, because I need money to pay that shoplifting fine.

So, I attempted to eat watermelon that I had been hoarding in my fridge saving, as a safe food and all, but nope, alas, it has fermented. .. boo. so sad

I have prepped safe meals for me to eat and snack on that are diet friendly and very low in calories. Its hard to be a vegan and diet, because hello JELL-O is god sent for us eating disordered folks. I eat jello religiously as a safe food, sugarfree and sometimes made with the fizzy water. I also cooked broccoli and dived it up into 60 cal portions in jars with pepper and salsa, and a splash of wheat germ

ok, biking to work


  1. having safe food ready will be great. Your broccoli jars sounds yummy. what's the wheat germ for?