Wednesday, April 15, 2009

updated photos 111lbs

I needed self thinspo to stop my bingeing episodes and to just plain calm myself down.. it worked.. and then the batteries died in the camera.. more to come


  1. Looks great! Very inspiring!

  2. My god you are so thin, your stomach looks fantastic!! Stay strong hun!! You can do it!


  3. Well done babe you look amazing!! Keep up the good work!! Gah so envious. xo

  4. you are looking great!! wish i had abs like yours =) stay strong x

  5. Ah so beautiful, so thin! you look great!

  6. your back = my ideal back.

    And your sex lines/hip bones in that second to last photo are amazing!

  7. My goodness, I'm jealous. So skinny!

  8. You're so thin!!! So beautiful~
    Stay strong.

  9. - This is the ideal weight chart for a Model and according to this chart YOU ARE PERFECT!!! You are MODEL Status right now! You look awesome!! soooooo gooooood... I'm so jealous I can't wait until i'm as thin as you are!! WOW

    Height & 'Ideal' Model Weight
    5'0" 102 lbs
    5'1" 104 lbs
    5'2" 105 lbs
    5'3" 107 lbs
    5'4" 109 lbs
    5'5" 111 lbs
    5'6" 112 lbs
    5'7" 114 lbs
    5'8" 116 lbs
    5'9" 117 lbs
    5'10" 119 lbs

  10. Ugh you look gorgeous! Your waist curves in so nicely so it looks extra tiny. And you've got like the perfect amount of bones peeking out.

    Anyway, you're looking good and you're my inspiration again as I start my new plan!

  11. u looke great.

    so small and delicate

  12. Hi, I'm Lina.
    Odd first comment-from-a-stranger but... you're tiny! I agree with hey.hana-- you have my ideal back :)

    Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

  13. i love your sticking out hips bones and ribcage and how your thighs dont touch at the thinspiration!