Monday, April 6, 2009

does anyone know how to get adderal?

I am now on my second laptop with a third hard drive..... I am awful stressed and freaked out.... no biggy

I am at my parents for the night... more later
im tired

and stressing about weigh in on my moms scale tomorrow... but dieing to know how much I weight.

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  1. Legally or illegally?

    There's idiot doctors out there, and if you feed them the right string of symptoms and feign ignorance, you'll get it prescribed. That's how I got my Topamax. I also said I'd been on it before.... so maybe that would help?

    God, if you get Adderal TELL ME HOW ;) I've been trying to convince my shrink I'm ADD for awhile.

    G.L. on the weigh in!