Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July goodness- 108lbs

Happy Birthday America, way to be independent. Lets all go out and drink heavily, stuff our faces with meat, wear our red, white, blue and our cowboy hats and bikinis, and drink, and sing, and be dangerous with fireworks.... I love this holiday, because of the fireworks, sunny weather and prime time to be lazy and tan. Not the other stuff.

When did every holiday be about food and drinking? calories, calories, calories.
I am packing my own stuff, and the plan is to be moving and walking a lot today. And get a tan.

The scale read 108lbs this morning. Yesterday, I heavily restricted. Ran for a little over 30mins, and biked to work and back. On the return trip, I went the long way, caught the sunset and was so peaceful. At work, it was double pay (awesome! and I choose to get off at nine so that I could have some social time with people) Played Uno, drank some (vodka and diet cranberry juice), fooseballd.  Went to bed around 2am and cuddled with Matt. 

I do have a date on Monday with Mike ( a guy I met at a bar during one of my favorite regga bands concert. Very small town, very small bar. From what I can remember he works in marine biology and is associated with the college I am at. He is on the older side (not sure how old yet), but so far... I am charmed and excited to get to know him. He's cute too. And he danced! All pluses so far. He has been really polite on the phone, and easy to talk to on the phone. Yay....... I love dating.

ok, I need to shower, do my hair, tour a potential house to live in (lease ending soon), skip over to BGO and hopefully they still have my soymilk on sale, then off to play in the sun and enjoy the 4th festivals down by the water.

If you are in the states, be safe and make smart choices =)
Have a good one!- ps I am in a really freaking amazing mood!

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