Friday, November 20, 2009

keeping strong

So far, great! Still no purge and I have been following my meal plan to the T. Program went smooth today and so did m conversation with my dad. He can be really critical at times. However today, I was myself on the phone with him, as well as fully honest. Still no word from the team is I can travel for thanksgiving or not. I am trying, well I have to be, but really am trying to be patient and calm. Because regardless of their decision, my recovery and well being come first. I am staying strong in my recovery because of me, in other words, I have my own internal motivation. I am also noticing that I am not picking, and scrutinizing my body as much. That has significantly decreased. I think that is partly do to my better nutrition and weight restoration. Also to me actually feeling proud of myself for my changes surrounding food. OK, I am off to purchase Twlight :New Moon tickets. A couple of my housemates and I are going to go tonight, that is if not sold out.

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